Embracing change and managing it to reduce resistance is crucial for responding to new challenges.
TuAlly accompanies you every step of the way.  TuAlly helps you throughout the process of implementing successful people management strategies and organizational effectiveness improvement. TuAlly contributes to achieve your organizational goals, avoiding unnecessary risks or expenses.

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Your Ally

Sonia Ramos Martínez 
Founder and Managing Partner.
Lawyer and Business Administration and Management Degree. Master in Human Resources Management and Health and Safety. 
Vast international background and long experience as freelance.
 TuAlly emerged in 2013 from my enthusiasm and effort in order to contribute to development and improvement of existing/news business projects.

 Philosophy and Values

To provide solutions for improving organizational efficiency of businesses, helping companies to face a changing and highly competitive environment.
To become the reference partner that provides people management solutions based on businesses’ specific needs and helps them improve their competitive position, giving them flexibility and the ability to meet challenges and environment demands.
Commitment and reliability: We keep our commitments, we ensure accuracy and completeness of the services rendered.
Professionalism and excellence:  We constantly update our professional knowledge and ensure a high quality service.
Customized attention: We have a customer service orientation; we communicate effectively with clients, we empathize with them and help them to achieve business objectives.


Third-Party Opinion: our contribution as independent advisor gives you a wider perspective.
Flexibility and Variable Pricing: our model is flexible. You choose the option that best fits your needs, paying only for the services you wish to use.
International experience: our vast experience gained from working in leading international companies at world-wide level.
Quality of service: an on-going updating of knowledge and business experience which supports our high quality service.

Who we serve

We offer our SERVICES to:
Companies and organizations operating without a HR and/or Organization department and need to outsource functions in such areas.
HR Managers wishing to forge synergies with the resources offered by a HR specialist able to provide them solutions that meet their needs in People Management field.




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